Program – IAI4CH @AIxIA 2023

The workshop will take place on Monday, November 6th, the first day of AIxIA2023. The program of the workshop includes a rich set of presentations from all the IAI4CH thematic areas, panel discussions and closing.

Note for speakers:

  • Contributed talks will be given a slot of ~25 minutes for long paper and ~15 for short. We would like to leave more room for discussion so we suggest to organize your time in order to reserve approximately 5 minutes for the discussion.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Rome!

Download program as a PDF file

Workshop Proceedings CEUR-WS are online – IAI4CH 2023, Vol 3536

13:30 — 13:35
Welcome and opening of the workshop – (Room N21-60)
Chair: Stefano Ferilli

Session 1: Digital Libraries
Chair: Gianmaria Silvello

13:35— 14:00
Bridging Islamic Knowledge and AI: Inquiring ChatGPT on Possible Categorizations for an Islamic Digital Library
Riccardo Amerigo Vigliermo*, Amina El Ganadi, Luca Sala, Matteo Vanzini, Federico Ruozzi, Sonia Bergamaschi

14:00 — 14:25
A Holistic Ontology for Digital Libraries – The IFLA-compliant Core
Stefano Ferilli*, Eleonora Bernasconi, Davide Di Pierro, Domenico Redavid

14:25 — 14:40
AI-Innovative digitization and management processes for Digital Libraries and Archives cultural heritage: toward an inclusive and sustainable phygital ecosystem
Stefano Ferilli*, Annastella Carrino, Giuliano De Felice, Paolo Fioretti, Pietro Silanos, Eleonora Bernasconi

Session 2: Audience and Interaction
Chair: Rossana Damiano

14:40 — 15:05
Towards a Deeper Understanding: EEG and Facial Expressions in Cultural Heritage
Alessio Ferrato*, Lorenzo Battisti, Sabrina Fagioli, Carla Limongelli, Stefano Mastandrea, Mauro Mezzini, Davide Nardo, Giuseppe Sansonetti

15:05 — 15:30
Extracting Emotions from Users’ Annotations in Virtual Museums: a Case Study on the Pop-up Virtual Museum of the Design Museum Helsinki
Manuel Striani*, Gautam Vishwanath, Lily Diaz-Kommonen, Antonio Lieto, Leena Svinhufvud, Rossana Damiano

15:30 — 15:45
Artful Accessibility: Designing Technologies to Enhance Museum Experiences for Individuals with Mobility Disabilities in Art Exhibitions
Julia Sheidin*, Tsvi Kuflik

15:45 — 16:00
Linking Historical Evidence to Digital Maps: The MICOLL-Map
Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio*; Jake Dyble, Fabio Giachelle, Stefania Gialdroni

   ☕ Coffee break

Session 3: Language in Cultural Heritage
Chair: Manuel Striani

16:30 — 16:55
Usage of Language Model for the Filling of Lacunae in Ancient Latin Inscriptions: A Case Study
Alessandro Locaputo*, Andrea Brunello, Emanuela Colombi, Stefano Magnani, Nicola Saccomanno, Giuseppe Serra

16:55 — 17:10
The WOW Project: Bridging AI and Cultural Heritage for Actress Writings
Laura Pandolfo*, Lucia Cardone, Lucia Cutzu, Raffaella Perna, Beatrice Seligardi, Giulia Simi

Session 4: Cultural data representation
Chair: Stefano Ferilli

17:10 — 17:35
Empowering Digital Transformation in Tourism through Intelligent Methods for Representation and Exploitation of Cultural Heritage Knowledge
Alessandro Giuliani*, Salvatore Carta, Gianni Fenu, Marco Manolo Manca, Mirko Marras, Leonardo Piano, Alessandro Sebastian Podda, Livio Pompianu, Sandro Gabriele Tiddia

17:35 — 18:00
A Knowledge Graph of Values across Space and Time
Martin Ruskov*, Maria Dagioglou, Marko Kokol, Stefano Montanelli, Georgios Petasi

18:00 — 18:25
A comprehensive solution for semantic knowledge exploration
Eleonora Bernasconi*, Davide Di Pierro, Domenico Redavid, Stefano Ferilli

18:25 — 18:30